Festivals, events and the COVID-19 pandemic

Our FESTSPACE project was conceived in a pre COVID-19 world, where those interested in festivals, events and urban policy were debating how to best design and manage public spaces to bring people together, to encourage co-presence and generate convivial atmospheres involving as wide a representation of the population as possible. At that time, our concerns […]

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FESTSPACE researcher comments on using festivals to restore life to public spaces

FESTSPACE’s Dr Bernadette Quinn comments on the importance of festivals and events in creating lively, engaging and accessible public spaces. cross-posted from RTE How to make public space engaging? Think festivals! With cycling campaigns and ‘#streets are for people’ hastags becoming more prevalent, public awareness and interest in the nature of public space, in who […]

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FESTSPACE team attend HERA conference

The FESTSPACE research team descended en-masse to the beautiful city of Gdańsk, Poland, this week to participate in the Humanities in the Europan Area (HERA) conference titled “Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe”, held at the iconic European Solidarity Centre. Led by Project Lead, Professor David McGillivray, the team took up the opportunity to […]

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