Festspace at ATLAS 2020: Events and Cultural Tourism

Social responses to the global pandemic The closing session of ATLAS 2020, with a focus on Events and Cultural Tourism, was organized by the FESTSPACE project to discuss the reactions and/or social response to the pandemic in the framework of festivals and festivities. The session took place on the 22nd of October, 2020.  At this […]

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La Mercè in times of pandemic

In the context of  major event cancellations, La Mercè, one of the biggest celebrations in Barcelona, was reinvented in order to celebrate an event long awaited for by the city’s residents. In order to adapt to health measures and deal with the pandemic, La Mercè 2020 courageously and innovatively implemented the necessary changes. This year, […]

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Innovative events spaces in times of COVID-19: spring on the balconies, collective representation and technology

People across the world have had to get used to a situation where cultural activity based on collective participation and occupation of public space is suspended. However, culture is still important and people instinctively want to come together to enjoy collective experiences. Frustration and fear of an uncertain future has been converted into creative energy, […]

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