CALL FOR PAPERS: The multifaceted relationship between festivals, events and public space

CALL FOR PAPERS: The multifaceted relationship between festivals, events and public space

FestSpace Barcelona team headed by Julie Wilson and coordinated as chairs by Alba Colombo and Bernadette Quinn,  coordinates the session The Multifaceted Relationship between Festivals Events & Public Space at the  IGU Paris 2022 Centennial Congress ( 

The call for abstracts is now open!

Research has highlighted the critical and multifaceted role of festivals held in public space in contemporary societies. Such a role includes fostering belonging and togetherness and facilitating people’s social participation. However, it is worth remembering that places are not neutral and alien to social realities but embedded in power relations. Public space becomes the arena where diversity, visibility, alienation, inclusion and exclusion intersect. Moreover, not only space but also time is key in shaping social relations and the links between people and places within the background of memory and tradition. On the other hand, in recent times, Covid-19 and the imperatives of social distancing have urged festival’s organisers to move over for new formats that also condition the interaction between people and space.

For this multi-session track, we invite contributions that investigate any dimension of the multifaceted roles of festivals held in public space and address conceptual and methodological issues in this field. The sessions welcome contributions from different disciplines (e.g., geography, anthropology, cultural studies) as well as empirical studies using quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods.

We will be considering a wide range of topics on the future of events and communities for this track, including for example: 

  • Celebrations, memory, commemorations and traditions
  • Event spaces during pandemic  
  • Language, identity and events  
  • Impact of Covid-19 on event organisers and participation
  • The future of community events 
  • Social cohesion, social capital and events 
  • Online communities and virtual events 
  • Hybrid events (online/offline mixing and new developments) 
  • The future development of traditional events 
  • New uses of space by/for events and festivals
  • Events and the future of cities and regions 

All abstracts must be submitted through the UGI congress website on or before January 11:

A drop-down list will be proposed and you  will have to indicate the session in which you are submitting your abstract:

Title: The Multifaceted Relationship Between Festivals, Events And Public Space

Reference of the submission: A101544AC

Looking forward to having a great session!

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