FanZones in the park: politics, economics & public health

After more than a year of cancelled or postponed events across the UK (and further afield), there are finally some positive signs for the sector as the pandemic restrictions slowly ease. The event sector is seeing green shots of recovery with new guidance governing the return of festivity in a manner that protects public health […]

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A glimpse of normality. Notes from the Covid-19 circus

Given the UK Government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis you might expect an article about the COVID-19 circus to be another piece hammering the test and trace system or the confusing messaging. But this is a piece about an actual circus installed on Blackheath to coincide with the October half term holiday. It is the […]

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Festivals and events in London’s parks

In 2019, The Royal Parks ran a competition for artists and photographers based on the question: ‘What does Hyde Park mean to you?’. Several of the winning entries depicted music festivals – which was apt as they were displayed on the fence surrounding the British Summer Time Festival. This prominent installation highlighted that London’s parks […]

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