Contact Information

Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht (DCHG)

The DCHG is committed to participating in the project entitled Festivals, Events and Inclusive Urban Public Spaces in Europe.

As a partner in this project, the organisation is undertaking to perform the following roles and tasks:

  • Ensure that the researchers have relevant access to our strategies, current plans and policies in relation to festival and event programming, cultural and social inclusion and any other strategies and policies relevant to this research;
  • Facilitate access, thus allowing the research team to gather primary and secondary data relating to the planning, design, delivery, production and consumption of a number of festival and events;
  • Dialogue with the project partners to inform and reflect on the design of the research project and on emergent research findings through the structures and activities of DCHG;
  • Offer opportunities to network with DCHG partners and contacts in the festival, event, and related sectors in the interest of developing a greater understanding of how festivals foster cultural inclusion in urban settings;
  • Work with the project partners to ensure that the outputs and outcomes from this project are disseminated to relevant stakeholder groups through our internal communication channels and also across our external communications and social media channels;
  • Support the project team’s efforts to ensure that all potential impacts of the research are reached, by using the outputs to inform future policy in respect of cultural inclusion, festival and event planning and programming and other related areas.