Contact Information


Esther Oliver Grasiot


Spain, Open University of Catalonia

Esther Oliver is an anthropologist. She joined FESTSPACE team in January 2020 as a researcher and project coordinator.

She started to develop anthropological research in 2009 about urban issues in Barcelona, back on the project Rethink the Great Barcelona. 150 years of annexation expansion in the Barcelona Plan: urban change, conflict and city models.

During her studies she participated in several financed research such as Responses by civil society to the “drama” of evictions, the case of the PAH BarcelonaReducing Early School Leaving in the EuCultural frontiers in a global world: comparative anthropology of cultural boundaries and their socio-political consequences, among others.

As a member of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya research team, she focuses her work on cultural studies, participating in a research about festive events and popular culture in Barcelona.