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Glasgow Life

Glasgow Life is responsible for managing the city’s cultural and sporting facilities and programmes on behalf of Glasgow City Council. Glasgow City Council’s recently published Strategic Plan covers priority themes and commitments from 2017 to 2022.

These aim to reduce inequalities across Glasgow, improve the life chances and choices for all our citizens, embed social justice in our policymaking, and empower our citizens; giving them a stake, and a say, in what happens in their local communities and communities of interest.

The Strategic Plan’s vision is of a world-class city with a thriving, inclusive economy where everyone can flourish and benefit from the city’s success. The priority is to reduce inequality across Glasgow by creating inclusive growth.

These aspects of the Strategic Plan align with the aims of the research UWS is proposing around inclusivity and engagement.

In particular, the extent to which Glasgow’s strategies for events and festivals and city centre public space renewal align to encourage inclusive uses of public space, the way in which people engage with spaces through festivals and events and the legacy and benefit of hosting these events.

Glasgow Life will work in close partnership with Glasgow City Council and a number of key stakeholders in the city to aid the research enquiries in streetscapes (specifically Buchanan St and the Merchant City), squares (George Square and St Enoch), and city parks (Glasgow Green and Kelvingrove Park), which are the strategic sites for hosting the city’s festivals and events.