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Dr Kristina Lindstrom

Principal Investigator

Sweden, University of Gothenburg

Kristina holds a PhD in human geography. Her research interest revolves around the issue of transformation of local communities to spaces of production and consumption of tourist experiences, including events and festivals. She is particularly interested in the issue of collaboration between stakeholders and the role of policy in such societal transformation processes. Furthermore, her research interests cover the notion of sustainable development, its conception and application in tourism/community development.

She has a strong engagement in participatory research, driven by the ambition to make a difference and to support inclusive and just community development through tourism.

She is employed as a lecturer at the University of Gothenburg, however at present (2016-2019) she is working as an embedded researcher at the West Sweden Tourism Board within the project Sustainable Tourism Through Inter-Sectoral Collaboration. With experience from transformative and embedded research, in close collaboration with stakeholders in West Sweden, Kristina has established suitable networks and experience of co-creation of knowledge.

She participated in the Interreg-project Coasts of the Future (2009-2012), exploring development in coastal communities in close collaboration with local stakeholders, including town hall meetings and input on policy decisions. For their efforts they were rewarded the University of Gothenburg Collaboration Prize (Samverkanspriset) in 2013.