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Parks for London

Parks for London supports this research proposal as it will provide valuable data and analysis of large scale events in parks. This is particularly important at a time when there is growing resistance from some users that parks are being overused or overtaken by large-scale events.

The research will help to uncover valuable evidence that will help landowners and communities better understand the benefits/disbenefits of multifunctional use of green spaces and provide a platform for debate and review on how best to manage green infrastructure in a growing capital city. We hope that it will also answer the question of how staging events affect the profiles of park users and find out if events change the relationships between citizens and parks, encouraging more diverse users to return when events are not happening.

Parks for London is committed to supporting this project by helping to negotiate access with the London Boroughs of Brent and Islington so that the research can go ahead smoothly and by disseminating the findings through our network of land managers and Friends Groups across London and the UK, through The Parks Alliance.