Tourists and locals sharing public space: how festival practice can inform better policy

In a globally competitive world, branding destinations using culture, diversity and creativity is an important policy strategy for city governments everywhere. Dublin is an example of a capital city that has been using festivals & events to boost its global reputation, trying to turn itself an ‘eventful city’ (Richards, 2010). Branding often highlights cultural festivals […]

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Festspace International Symposium in Barcelona goes online

The social reaction of an empty city in full swing Last February 10th, the Festspace International Symposium in Barcelona was held online under the title “Spaces and crowds without festivals”. As well as other events and festivals during the pandemic, academic events have also to adapt to the restrictions imposed by governmental health and safety […]

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GlasGLOW: Parks, commercial events and the pandemic

For the third year in a row, the Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens was the site for a commercial event, GlasGLOW, organised by the Scottish PR and event management company Itison. GlasGLOW is a sound and light extravaganza which aims, through a walk in a well-known public park in the city’s West End, to immerse attendees in […]

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